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Kids Gardening

A to Z Kids


We are honored to 

help your child thrive!

A to Z Kids we’re passionate about creating a safe, clean, and loving environment that allows children to explore this world. Giving them the tools they need to succeed! 

Happy Girls

We believe children learn by getting their hands into the dirt. It is truly a gift and joy to see the magic of nature sprout within our students! Your child will have access to their own private children's garden. A garden for the children is not only to teach them to how to produce food but to bring joy, peace and a real connection with creation. A spiritual retreat you might say from a chaotic world and hurried people. They will learn how to plant seeds, pick fresh produce and experience first hand how their efforts become part of our delicious lunch. Your child will also learn responsibility by watering their plantings to help their garden grow. 

Beyond our nature-centered activities, our toddler and preschool-aged programs are designed to help fuel learning in a fun environment. Reading is promoted at our St. Charles, MO preschool as a way to explore other worlds and have adventures they never thought possible! Math and science are taught using real world examples to help make a strong connection and support them during their future learning paths. Creativity is also hands (and toes - yep, we let the kids learn how to activate other parts of their brain by painting with their toes) on over here! Your little one will come home daily showing off their masterpieces. 

Their own Private Garden

Children in the Garden
Children in Yoga Class

At A to Z Kids childcare center, we are not only centered around education, but also emotional awareness. We are one of the very few Faith and Nature-based child care programs based in St. Charles county. We provide emotional and well-being tools, such as weekly yoga sessions and daily affirmations that can last a lifetime with a child's own emotional support system. Teaching them at a young age how to center their mind and find calmness within themselves. Spiritual guidance and gratitude are taught everyday with gentle focuses on prayer work and teachings. 

Yoga for Exercise and Mindfulness

Happy Children

"It is important to me that families are involved and connected with what their children are learning. I strive for open communication with the parents of the children in my care. Providing ideas, resources, and actives for them to share experiences with their child. Seeing children reach their goals is a true gift and a joy that I love being apart of!" 

Cathy Zumbehl

Owner of A to Z Kids

What parents are saying...

"We love A to Z kids! My son just loves it here. The teachers are great! They take the time to teach the kids things they need to know from space to writing to reading. Every week my son comes home with projects that he has made. Everything from markers, paint, and stickers. A to Z Kids truly cares about the safety and well being of all the kids. Best decision I have ever made was choosing this daycare. I can go to work and never worry about my child's safety. We just love A to Z Kids!"

Fresh Bread Composition

We Believe that Fresh Foods Feed the Soul and the Mind

Here at A to Kids we do things a little differently when it comes to what our kids put in their belly's. 

Health and nutrition are extremely important us. So important that you won’t find highly processed foods in our childcare center.  We offer fresh fruit and/or vegetables, including whole grains or whole wheat served on a daily basis.  Exceeding the nutritional guidelines set forth by the Eat Smart Program for Missouir and the Missouri Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).


We also participate in the Missouri Move Smart Program, as well, as the Missouri Eat Smart Program.

Our Menu Includes items that we even think parents would love to eat, but served in a kid-friendly presentation to please even the pickiest of eaters...

Sample Menu

Baked Parmesan Crusted

White Fish with Quinoa

Meatloaf,  Mashed Cauliflower, and Croissants

Beef Zucchini Lasagna 

and Salad

Baked Chicken Broccoli 

Rice Bowl

For more information or to book your private tour of our school call


We believe children learn better through active involvement and exploring with their own environment. We monitor and enhance their learning capabilities with ongoing observation and assessments. Making individual changes to suit the needs of the child. Since all of domains are interconnected and impact one another, we provide an environment that fosters and enhances the child's social, physical, emotional and cognitive growth 

Our teachers actively involve themselves with the children in our care. Following their lead and adding open ended questions or suggestions to help them build their thought processes. A to Z Kids has created their own unique highly successful program that includes well-rounded curriculum. This includes resources from accredited and reputable organizations, including Montessori style teaching, NAEYC standards, Reggio Emilia and the Creative Curriculum. We also focus heavily on STEM (plus Art) or STEAM.  While Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, are incredibly important the missing component for our future inventors is Art and Design. Bringing your child a balanced and holistic learning path that uses the best of these leading programs. 

At A to Z Kids, we also include faith-based lessons and daily affirmations. We believe mindfulness is a vital part of learning! Our character building activities cover life skills such as respect, honesty, empathy, compassion, and basic manners. We truly believe that building up your child's self-esteem and self-worth can prepare them for success throughout their life. Celebrating their unique individuality and creativity with encouragement and patience. Your child will nurtured in an environment that allows them to feel comfortable to be themselves. 


Our staff has combined expertise of over 20 years! Teachers employed at A to Z Kids child care center in St. Charles, MO have completed a comprehensive background screening, including fingerprints, CPR/First Aid training and certification, physical test, TB test and continuing education training classes. All of A to Z Kids teachers are required to meet qualifications set forth by the State of Missouri Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers, Mandated Reporters, as well as A to Z Kids strict policies. This includes ongoing child care education training classes throughout their employment to ensure that all teachers have the most up-to-date curriculum and information available to them. 

Young Students

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum
Our Teachers
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