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Kindergarten Classroom


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Creative Learning in all Ages

Let us be a stepping stone to your child's future! We provide fun & interactive education starting for children ages 2-years old and up. Founded in 2001, our St. Charles, MO childcare center meets and/or exceeds all state requirements for certification. 



Your little one will have a safe and nurturing experience in our Toddler room! With specific attention to your child's needs and schedule so you can have peace of mind. Toddlers are on the move and ready to explorer this wonderful world, which is why we've created a calming environment to help with over stimulation, along with the watchful eye of patient teachers. We are always giving tons of cuddles, wiping noses, and providing lots of story time for our toddlers! 

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What a fun age to see your child's curiosity build with learning. Our kindergarten-readiness program is designed to provide your child with a solid foundation in the skills needed for kindergarten. Using national-recognized and scientifically-based programs, includcing Creative Curriculum and  Reggio Emilia, we help your child develop the multiple areas of study needed for success. All in a fun and engaging environment. 



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There is nothing like seeing your child start recognizing numbers and start making their first friends! Your preschooler will begin with self-help skills, such as washing hands, potty etiquette, and basic manners. They will also start to explore creativity more with music and art crafts. We will also start to review letters and sounds, plus counting. They will also get to be big helpers and start helping to grow and tend to their own garden. 


We are proud to offer support for families needing a safe place for school age kids to go before or after school.  Not only will your child be in good hands emotionally and physically, but we will also make sure they use their time wisely in our care with help on homework and fun activities to stimulate their growth. We also provide calm spaces to help them decompress after a busy day at school.   Does your child go to Lincoln Elementary School? If so, we offer pick up and drop-off transportation! 

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Before & After School Care

Need help with Virtual Kindergarten
classes this school year?

We get it. Working full-time plus trying to make sure your child is keeping up with the required course work during virtual learning sessions can be nearly impossible! We can help elevate the stress of trying to juggle it all, while also making sure your child is learning in a safe and clean environment. Your child will get in-person teacher support for navigating their virtual course work, fun activities to keep them stimulated during the school day, and healthy meals.

Our 5-day Kindergarten program is the perfect match for those wanting to make sure their kids thrive during this difficult school year!  

Ready to get started? 

Biology Drawing Class

Flexible options! 

 A to Z Kids offers Full-time and part-time options to accommodate families who are needing flexible child care in St. Charles, MO.  

Learn more about what makes us unique! 

Healthy nutrient rich foods, STEM (plus Art) courses, gratitude prayer work, and even table manners are just some of our unique programs! 

A-Z Kids Daycare  A to Z kids preschool and childcare St. Charles, MO
Happiness and a peace of mind are the highest level of success!
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